Monday, October 29, 2012

apocalypse redux

apocalyptic sunset 2apocalyptic sunset 1

too bad i just had my phone.the clouds were dark, massive and heavy on top with a big space below. the setting sunlight filtered through the space giving us the best golden sunlight we have seen in many years. people were in the middle of the road stopping the traffic to take photos. the drivers were in awe looking at the tunnel of golden light and did not even bother to blow their horns at the intruding photographers.
i was grateful to be out looking at the spectacle.nature at its very best.

neki desu
Creative Commons License 


  1. Questo è un po' come trovare il tempo di fermarsi ad annusare le rose...attimi di pura serenità.

  2. Oh ya,, Nature at it is very best in New York.. Hurricane.. what more can we ask for ????? LOL

  3. Sammy,
    there was also an earthquake in the Vancouver area. this is not fun anymore :(


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