Thursday, September 06, 2012

el mundo por montera

the photo is of a montera or a bullfighter's headdress. it was introduced in the 1800 as part of the costume. as with most vocabulary pertaining to bullfights it has trickled down into everyday language
becoming an active part of it. so ingrained it is that the most anti bullfight people from the anti bullfighs league use such vocabulary and phrases without seeing the irony of it.
if you are still reading  i'm getting there, but not yet.

two weekends ago my pal rubi was visiting and while sipping a great white at the seaside and talking  she used the expression. we had to explain it to her english speaking friend who was with us thus prompting a discussion about  bullfighting vocabulary in general and the  phrase in particular. we came to the conclusion  that the phrase ponerse el mundo por montera was a rough equivalent to the world is  your oyster.
after all  the recently discarded weaving plans this is  exactly how i feel after  tuning  plan c and the  grungy solutions i found.
apparently my weaving gurus are flex and nothing for them is written in stone; weaving talibans do not reside in their homes :)

weaving has taught me  many things about life(finally, the point!!!)
  • to correct mistakes as soon as one sees them or they'll keep glaring back at you.
  • to develop systems for solving each problem.
  • patience.
  • to stop as soon as one feels tired or bored. tiredness and boredom will only multiply mistakes.
  • to solve problems at once. problems do not go away by themselves, they only grow worse.
  • to set achievable goals and once achieved move on.
  • to divide long or difficult tasks in manageable blocks.they will stop looking infinite.
  • to recognize one's limitations. it is humbling and will keep one's feet on the ground.
  • not to think one's a master. that thought kills growth.
  • perfection is a self inflicting punishment and an illusory thought. 
  • to believe it is a journey, not a destination. and if one can, have fun during the journey.
ps. monteras are handmade. there is a lot of handmade craft around  bullfighter's garb.

neki desu
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  1. I love this, gotta print this out and post it where I can see it often

  2. Parole di saggezza! Credo anche di essere riuscita a capire cosa voglia dire questa frase in inglese.

  3. onesmallstitch8:14 PM

    your list really got me thinking - so-o I'm working on a list of my own, but still thinking. can you believe it, my robot word is egoviceX ??

  4. It's all in the process of growing. Part of making the pearl. Don't kick yourself...if that's what you're doing...because it'll only make it worse.


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