Wednesday, August 29, 2012



this is a photo of a catalan mas the traditional farmhouse in catalunya. solid, attached to the land and isolated. sometimes when the going gets rough one has to find those, although acquired, roots.
took a mini break to tour the penedes wine country,where the harvest is about to begin because of the weather conditions.
the colors, the beauty of the landscape, the special character of wine people was a much needed relief from an endlessly long  hot summer in the city.
i also met a friend who had not seen in quite a while. lots of catching up.come to think of it for the past two weeks i've been in catch up mode with friends!
to give this post some textile content here are some photos of the  torres winery museum. the wine tour is highly recommended! some photos here

needleworks      linens

neki desu
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  1. what a gorgeous photograph of the mas

  2. It's a wonderful thing to catch up with friends. Your post makes me yearn for my time in the States next month.

  3. Do they have the raised granaries - horreos - in Cataluna as well as Galicia? What wonderful little buildings they are, usually stone on pillars but sometimes wood.

  4. Che magnifico posto, sembra l'ideale per una vacanza tranquilla.
    I linens sono fantastici, che ricamo incredibile: il corredo di tua suocera?

  5. Margaret,
    there are no horreos in catalunya. i dream of moving to asturias and having an horreo for a wet studio

  6. The mas reminds me of a photo I took at Les Baux in Provence many years ago. It's an image I must get round to weaving one of these days...

  7. What a beautiful building, You can feel the years on/in it

  8. wonderful places.


interaction appreciated!


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