Tuesday, July 10, 2012

time rewarded

silk skeins
if i or anyone else had doubts they should be shed. everything is about time: love, life, crafts,weaving.....
  my own processed kakishibu, aged for over 4 years yielding beautiful color. these skeins have various dips,forgot to count, but it is  actually the uva rays effect that gives those colors. no modifiers have been added yet. the silk has not been degummed either. bryan -san explains here some things that were an intuition for me. i have been quietly dyeing  un-degummed doupioni silk for a while with no adverse results. quietly because this goes against all general knowledge and i did not want to start a battle in the dyeing forums ^_^
this silk will be combined with ai, of course, for a warp for this winter weaving.

neki desu
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  1. Che magnifico colore, è quasi un peccato coprirlo con l'indaco.

  2. Such a lovely colour! I'm impressed that you made your own kakishibu too. I think the concern about dyeing undegummed silk is because of the concern that the dye is mostly on the sericin and not the silk fibre itself. The result might mean fading as the sericin wears off in laundering or whatever. Your experiences may tell a different story and are worthwhile anyway!

  3. onesmallstitch7:21 PM

    OMG - I am in awe! the colour is magnificent. what was the smell like?? Kakishibu and indigo are natures gift to the natural dyer - together the are perfection.

  4. Love that color! It'll be incredible paired with indigo - I can just imagine the iridescence using such strong complementary colors!

  5. lovely tones... "aged for 4 years"!!! wow


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