Tuesday, July 31, 2012

plan b on its way

plan b border

threaded the border yesterday. easy peasy. this morning was at the loom at 8 a.m.but have just threaded 8 threads and foreseeing lots and lots of angst. the plan is to have 2 warps for double weave on 2 separate beams.threading from the back (for the second time in my life and why now?) and there's a small mess trying to pick threads in order from two separate crosses. to add on to that  the colors are almost the same. why double weave you then ask. i wanted different  texture so one warp is linen and the other silk.
nothing like working against the clock to get me in an exploratory mood. SIGH. 
those central 600 threads are going to make me sweat bullets, i'm telling you.

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch5:51 PM

    wishing you the very best of weaver's luck - hope you don't need it. will we see the results - whatever??

  2. After a little while, your fingers will tell you which is the "right" next thread. Just give it time, and don't rush it. You'll be fine!

  3. that's a lot of sweating in a hot place...but i bet it will be worth it.


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