Wednesday, July 25, 2012

fashion history


i met my long standing boyfriend who eventually became husband-san wearing this shirt. it's a dee cee cotton chambray shirt with regimental pearl snap closures.
he wore it until the cuffs frayed and fell apart and the romantic in me refused  to throw it away. so over the years it has been  shuffled  from place to place.
i was looking on line for a replacement and all i was getting was vintage places and e bay, apparently they aren't manufactured anymore. anyone knows for sure?
given the current options of paying for vintage and refurbishing my vintage the choice is a piece of cake.
the project however will have to go on the proverbial back burner as i have a more pressing project in my hands.
 the question again :does anyone know if dee cees are still manufactured?

neki desu
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  1. i don't know, but find it so nifty that you still have his shirt! incurable romantic and why ever not?!

  2. Question from the dummy: what does dee cee mean?

  3. No idea but it's awesome that you kept the shirt! I have baby clothes of course...but also items that hubby wore 30 + years ago.

  4. onesmallstitch5:17 AM

    no idea but think you should weave a new one!!


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