Thursday, June 21, 2012

an award

 you vero for this award!
the questions:

Favorite number: ?? 5 maybe?
Favorite Non-alcoholic drink: homemade  watermelon fizz
Facebook or Twitter:  trying to phase out from facebook. never tweeted
My Passion:  textiles
Favorite pattern:  geometrics
Favorite Day of the Week:  friday.
Favorite Flower:  peonies and orchids

i won't be tagging anyone, but ya'll all tag along if you wish! and now here are some places i visit for inspiration and amusement:
the sartorialist    style bible
knitting on on the fastlane  not your regular knitting
musings from the big pink  a house husband's woes
gertie's new blog for better sewing  sewing tips that can save you
mud puddle madonna eye candy
french sampler all things french and beautiful photos
and happy solstice!

neki desu
Creative Commons License

1 comment:

  1. onesmallstitch8:35 PM

    congratulations - for adding a little sunshine to the world :)


interaction appreciated!


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