Thursday, June 28, 2012

at the study hall

study hall

been studying the book and slowly learning some
new skills.i am sure that if geometry had been explained  in useful less abstract terms such as what i am dealing with now i would have understood everything. 

my first mumblings with pattern drafting. ambition has blinded me and i want to make a dress from this pattern. encountering difficulties  because i need to make the top with enough ease to fit the front. the front  is made of two pattern pieces,front and side, and  the bodice needs ease yet it has to be  shapely. and we are there right now.

more pattern drafting resourceshere  and here.
absolutely ecstatic because i found a tailor's ruler locally. yes, madrid counts as locally no matter what they say.

marriages come and go,but divorce is forever
nora ephron 1941-2012

 neki desu
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  1. geometry, raspberries, patterns, & lovely local finds. sounds like a good life.

  2. Ma da te non fa caldo? Dove la trovi tutta questa energia?


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