Wednesday, May 23, 2012

making lemonade

yarn mess

that's what you do with lemons. remains of the warp from hell after some more fine tuning. all these natural dyed silk glories that were not going to get thrown away no matter how fed up i am with this warp-note the verb tense. tin need of some relief and after getting the brief from my sister re the  house ending i gave myself playtime. as she said: what a week first donna summer, then robin gibb and now house. and she doesn't know about my warp!

quoting a friend i don't get paid, but i work very hard . hi holly!
took my needle felting machine and felted some of the silk along with bits of merino wool while watching  with delight how a clump of yarns turned into a nice background. added a piece of silk fabric and kept felting.

time for embellishments-love that word. machine stitching with a verigated thread stitching some flowy lines. added some hand stitching to
highlight the visually important part, the felted  silk fabric, and the strong negative space on the left. color, color making the balancing act.
then a border to finish and emphasize the shape that coincidentally turned out to be a d . d for disaster??? as a final step i added some glittery shiny stuff, just for fun.
come to think of it and the afternoon i spent d stands for diversion :)

pd:blogger doesn't let me post comments on blogs. wonder why. anyone out there w. the same problem?
ETA: has to do  with not allowing 3rd party cookies. thank you google. we have created a monster.

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch7:35 PM

    some lemonade!! - I love the "D", the swirly stitching and the colours. D is for determined.
    I've had problems for ages leaving comments on blogspot - don't think blogger likes wordpress. Is this crazy or what?

  2. Hey - really cool lemonade!

  3. Perbacco che bellezza. Forse D sta per delizia?


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