Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the kick


great thing that of traveling , not only you discover people and places, you also discover food, which in my case is one of my great interests.
a year ago in valencia i came across pimient d' espelette jelly as side in a cheese platter. the jelly  has the right combination of sweetness tartness with a  subtle piquant kick from the chilies. add to that a smokiness and there you have a  rich, complex flavor. the jelly went very well with the goat cheese, but it was heavenly with the blue cheese.
so the quest began. french websites offering it were absolutely ludricrous in shipping costs; come on spain is in the same continent  just on the other side a mountain chain. in addition payments were to be made by bank transfer that as everyone knows are quite costly.the quest was shelved  and i was not happy.
 fortunately last november during my trip to aix en provence i was thrilled to locate ground pimient d' espelette in that great daily market in the town square.   i have become a convert.
a mini pinch is all that is needed to make food sing! vinagrette and boiled  new potatoes have never been the same.i am experimenting other food combinations like grilled sole and even salads and  might try desserts. going to make true the name of devil's food cake :)

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ETA: i'm hanabi ( surprise surprise!)

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch7:13 PM

    ooh, does that sound marvellous. no chance of my ever getting it here! love the combinations, have you tried it with chocolate?

  2. Help! Which one are we supposed to vote for? I can't see your name.

  3. Fatto, ho votato per Hanabi. Come mi ricordo la ricerca di questo piment, e ancora non l'ho assaggiato!


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