Tuesday, April 24, 2012



sant jordi brought neither a book nor a rose, but a pair of sneaks made of a cool-literally and figuratively- mesh. they are city sneakers with a golf shoe look feel .
with the pair of the pictured linen palazzo pants (big and wide) they look very nice.
i am knitting another long rectangular thing which by grace of some  information provided by amanda it will become a shrug.


the beautiful linen comes from italy via blandina.

all this is keeping me away from the loom and the scissors. that silk warp is jinxed i swear. now that it's all threaded there are countless mistakes. luckily they are towards the selvedges  and that makes me think i could ignore them and let the pattern cutting do the rest. that or cut the whole 6 mts of natural dyed silk to tiny weeny bits and get on with my  life.

neki desu
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