Thursday, March 15, 2012

the whys of never saying never

 digital knitting

yesterday's weaving was going well albeit boring. my mind started pondering what ifs and i changed the treadling  somewhat making it more open and lacy- photos tomorrow.
once my mind starts on a what if mode it  becomes difficult to set limits. 
in short: i had refrained from joining ravelry until yesterday because i  already was in too many communities. but somehow looking for instructions on a knitting pattern i came upon the  ravelry portal and without doing much thinking i clicked the enticing join button.

my intention is not to go the handknitting route the basics of which i learned while living in italy, thus knowing how to knit ony in italian. i intend joining one of the machine knitting groups and see if i can forward my skills. 
meanwhile knitting digitally with fractals.
however, no, i won't join neither tweeter nor pinterest.

neki desu
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  1. Ah the same happened to me Neki, I secumbed to that enticing button.. trying also to find the machine knitting groups... will look further to find them this time.

  2. Hi Neki, you will have to find us at the Brunswick Novice Group!

  3. onesmallstitch6:38 PM

    --Neki in Wonderland, down the rabbit hole?

  4. So is this a digital work? Love the detail!


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