Thursday, March 29, 2012

this one is about history II


from the natural and white linen honeycomb i moved on to colors. the triptych was microwaved dyed  silk in warm  and cool  colors. i also knew very little about dyeing and  was trying microwave dyeing for the first time. yes, it the same one i cooked food!!

painted warp
after the triptych i moved on to warp painting with textile paints.i wanted to incorporate images and sparse woven motifs thinking that one did not really have to weave motifs selvedge to selvedge. little did i know then that it was called brocade.
both pursuits opened possibilities and have accompanied my weaving ever since  one way or another. note the bleeding honeycombs at the bottom. rinsing thoroughly was not a concern then. experience  is a good teacher.

looking back  this project was great schooling. it set the foundation for the rest of my weaving the way i approached weaving, color and design. i knew i didn't want to go the texture route because it was too obvious and too easy. remember this was the  early 80's with the lumpy clumpy aesthetics  carryover from the 70's.


the draft. you can download it as wif  here

neki desu
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  1. as always, beautiful!

  2. onesmallstitch7:57 PM

    love your journey into the past. I didn't keep much and probably wouldn't have the courage to show it. I really enjoy understanding how other people have experimented, learned and moved forward. Each of us is so different and we can learn so much from each other.

  3. back in the day, as the hooligans say. well, i went simple, plain weave, tapestry. interesting how we reacted to the TEXTURE of the prior era.

  4. Beautiful. Are they bumps or holes?


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