Tuesday, March 13, 2012

of objects and life- an ides of march post

yesterday  by one of those internet chances i fell  in front of the chateau above. the beauty is called e chateau de  digoine  located in  burgogne region world famous for its wines.
apparently the last owner either died without descendants or is feeling the economic crunch as everyone else on the planet.
and here comes the sad part. after centuries of collecting, the contents are being auctioned and will inevitably be scattered. 

because of  my love for cooking and cooking equipment it broke my heart to see the beautiful copper kitchen  kit  that is going to be sold and dispersed. 
moreover the  the house linens  will also  be auction fodder. textilian me could not remain untouched  after seeing the photo of old linens and lace. 
consequently this  made me ponder if not the meaning of life, at least the meaning of -let's call it- collecting. 

i could go on detailing the toys, silverware and other  objects that served the inhabitants of the chateau and conformed their universe. 
the bottom line is that is more or less  the path our belongings will take when we are gone. most likely our descendants will not be interested in our collections, yarn stash, looms and other paraphernalia. then why the accumulation? 

the auction will take place on march 22 and 23 in paris.
here's the link to the  auction catalog full of very beautiful objects, furniture paintings, silver  and  linens.

neki desu
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  1. onesmallstitch7:22 PM

    how very sad, it really does make one think about the meaning of it all. I guess after we are gone it doesn't matter what happens to our stuff so we need to enjoy it while we can.

  2. perhaps the future owners of these wonderful treasures will cherish them for the rest of their lives. perhaps they will be brought to all corners of the world and continue to bring joy and a touch of history to their new owners.

  3. Molto triste davvero. Ma pensa alla gioia che tu avresti per esempio se potessi comprare qualcuno di quei tessuti. La collezione può essere dispersa, ma la passione viene trasmessa al nuovo compratore ed anche la delizia dell'acquisto


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