Thursday, March 08, 2012

life maxims

threading mistakes

the toast always falls on the buttered side. threading mistakes always happen in the middle.
engrossed in the big debate whether to ignore them and keep going or pay attention to my super ego's voice and re thread.    

                                                                              nerve soothing activity. don't know why stitching is not used as therapy for mental illnesses.
a silk shibori scarf that went wrong, over dyed  bundled up using assorted leaves.                   
also waiting for thyroid test results, may have to go on meds. but at least i'll shed some of those gained kilos.

neki desu
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  1. well in a way. all is well and the only thing to worry about is health...

  2. Ma sai, cara, col tuo grado di professionalità penso che dovresti ripassare quei fili che non vanno bene.
    Bella la sciarpa, mi piacciono i colori e come la stai ricamando.
    Auguri per la tiroide...

  3. onesmallstitch7:45 PM

    oh, oh at least the theading mistakes are fixable- if you want. the dobby head on my loom stopped working last night,am building up the courage to tackle it!! and I did the whole thyroid thing last yea,it turned out to be "a storm in a teacup".Hope all goes well.

  4. well, threading errors are a bitch, but not so much as thyroid. good luck sorting it out. what a nuisance. not the best way to shed weight, but--


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