Wednesday, February 29, 2012

fitting today


 toile is finished. i need to do some fitting to it, my waist is not that big, really! beats me why a skirt with a back zipper has an elastic waist. i would have said one or the other wouldn't you?
my dislike of elastic waists has no limits and i'm doing away with this one, so i have to take in the waist and reinforce it with some iron on interfacing.
albeit all that i like the style and how it turned out. the bad news is that iwill have to buy commercial fabric for it because my handwoven is not wide enough. that or buy a new  wider loom ;-)

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  1. un giorno o l'altro dovrai insegnarmi a fare una toile. sei proprio brava, io certe volte sono un po' pigra...

  2. onesmallstitch7:14 PM

    too bad you can't use the handwoven. what is the loom's weaving width? I really admire your pattern making, I don't usually take the time and then am dissapointed when things don't fit.

  3. Hey, go for the loom!

    Or, is there any way to add a strip of decorative ribbon at the side seams, or some other method to "widen" your handwoven fabric?

  4. Could you alter the width of that center front panel to match the handwoven and then adjust the others accordingly?

    My vote for the waist is a curved facing -- don't know if that's your plan, but I agree about elastic waists. Yug.


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