Tuesday, February 14, 2012

exploring boundaries out of the comfort zone


about a week ago conversing with Jean she asked how i warped. upon learning that i warped front to back she said that she had learned back to front and added that it was soo easy. she immediately offered to send me instructions which i gladly accepted.

i learned to warp with a book, the 70's all time hit in the weaving world, cay garrett's warping all by yourself.   i was glad on all counts i did. because of the nature of weavers here if i had waited for someone to help me i'd still be threading that first warp. then at school what was taught was the swedish method in which you had to roughly thread the reed, beam, do some sort of maneuver to transfer the cross and some other steps. i thought that highly inneficient and cumbersome. why do something that you'll have to undo later on and re do correctly? so i kept warping front to back until yesterday.

jean's instructions were to the point, no verbiage nor excessively adjectival, and followed through easily.
i took my time straightening wool kinks, but  in spite of that it went smoothly. i noticed her method is a mirror image of the garret's method and that gave me some sort of silly confidence. i did not feel like a maiden warper, rather a second marriage warper!


i rigged a raddle to the castle of the loom having seen that at cally booker's and it works very well. i could ask for the raddle teeth to be higher, but you get the drift.


the weather is conductive to blanket weaving and  i have a lap blanket project. the draft is in the last stages but must likely will end like this, a hybrid of m's and o's. pleased that i'm clearing  so much of my stash !
threading will have to wait 2 weeks  until i'm back from my hiatus. in the meantime i can ding with the tie up.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous2:36 PM

    I learned to weave via classes from a local weaving supply shop. They immediately taught me back to front, so that is all I know :)

  2. so happy it worked, if the warp jumps out of the raddle spaces put elastic bands around the top of the nails/pegs. the pattern looks very interesting and great for using up yarns and colours, Can't wait to see the finished blanket.

  3. I am a self taught weaver (kind of) and I warp back to front. I keep it VERY simple, I am in owe of my loom!
    Vedi, sono così in soggezione che ho scritto in inglese invece che in italiano.

  4. second marriage warper--i LOVE this!

  5. I know next to nothing about weaving but I'm sure you're of the married matter which technique you use.


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