Monday, January 02, 2012

should the only wrinkles be on my face?

 irises for the new year

first, some flowers for the new year. sorry to sound like the herald of doom, but we need  to hang in there. the chinese horoscope says it's the year of the dragon and it's a difficult sign. i'm pretty sure we'll work difficulties out if we as a community support each other.


now for the weaving part. the sample slightly qualifies as loom shibori because the ripple is very slight. not too sure whether is the spacing, the warp being wool too or the universe conspiring ^_^  tried 4 wefts to one supplemental and 2 to 1 and the latter works slightly better. i can sample with a heftier merino and see what happens, but i'm afraid to use too much warp and then end up with not enough for the top. although i might live dangerously and  do more sampling.

looking forward to an on line stitching workshop with arlee.
 i quote:

"You’ll have to forget some of the rules about embroidery we’ve all strained to achieve when first learning: even stitches, perfectly aligned fabrics and untwisted threads, none of them are welcome in this spontaneous, intuitive and eccentric style! "

sounds like my kind of stitching!

neki desu
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  1. Pero, hija, si la arruga es bella.

  2. Quit looking at your face! The sample as shown is very appealing but if danger is your thing, go for it.

  3. Keep experimenting!!! It's a joy to behold!

  4. Try one more weft, then evaluate and weave the yardage. Sometimes you just have to dive in and do it without sampling.

  5. Se non avessimo le rughe non avremmo l'esperienza di fare tante belle cose né la saggezza di apprezzare le sfumature della vita.


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