Monday, January 30, 2012

can't weave no mo'

the end  

a nice view from the back beam the finishing line. impossible to keep going because one gets floating shafts :(

fabric before

fabric off the loom, what a beautiful sight! total length 335 cms. width 69 cms.feeling satisfied with the outcome woven on my 12 sha table loom. it's 80cms wide, but the lifts for  the 335 cms were done by hand! the structure is an advancing supplemental  merino weft on a wool plain weave ground. it's the same principle as a loom controlled shibori, but this time instead of gathering the supplemental weft it is going to be shrunk for texture.  see partial draft here.

fabric after

wet finished mega beauty. 30 minutes in very hot water
and  liquid savon de marseille in my mini washer gave these soft ripples which a better photographer would have captured.. 
i could go for deeper furrows sacrificing width. right now after wet finishing i have 300cms in length
 and 65 cms wide.
would like to find one of those waste free patterns and go from there whether to full more or not.
on to pattern hunting now.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    I love love your fabric.
    Great Job.

  2. Yes it IS very fondling inspiring! :)

  3. Ma che ME-RA-VI-GLIA assolutamente splendido, mi piacerebbe averlo fra le mani. Però non ho capito che tipo di pattern stai cercando.
    Sempre piena di sorprese, la mia amica.

  4. Gorgeous! What lovely, lovely furrows.

  5. It's gorgeous! Love the texture as it is now, but depending on the cut of the garment, maybe you can shrink some parts of the cloth more for shaping? Great job!

  6. fabulous furrows. magnificent color.

  7. oh, love the texture and colour. Do you warp from the front to back?

  8. Anonymous12:57 AM

    I adore this new fabric of yours, Neki, super superada!
    on the theme of zero waste cutting, before you invest all your last pesetas into a book or pattern, have a read at this blog... rant. Interesting!

    Fab La Tulipe

  9. wow! this is great.

  10. oh wow!! 335 meters..that means you can weave a cotton sari,right? 5.5 meters??
    I would love to see one!!


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