Monday, December 12, 2011

non finito

 non finito

lots of stitching happening in this household. the laptop went to the doctor and it looks like it's terminal.
we'll see if it's more cost effective to get a new one and buy an adapter to change usb to com port. have heard lots of predicaments so i am  already turning blue from holding my breath.

non finito 4 non finito 3

 non finito 2  ¬†non finito 1

this piece is strange, i don't do pretty, but it came out pretty.wonder why. this is reclaimed cotton from a much loved dress with a bit of reclaimed silk shibori. note the repetition of the word reclaimed even  some of the threads are thrums form this warp. still not sure whether to turn it into a book, hence the title.

in the news depatment this link came to me via fabienne felter extraordinaire. too bad she doesn't have a blog.yet.
if you ever wanted to dress like a frans hals paining :) here you have instructions. there are also great tutorials on smocking and period embroidery.

neki desu
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  1. bad luck with the lap top! Hope you don't end up loosing information.

    Lovely old feeling to the stiched piece... I think somewhere in every girl there is pretty, even if it is hidden deep down ;))

  2. Anonymous8:44 PM

    your stitching is lovely - not sweet pretty. don't think I'll take up smocking - but you never know!! imagine one day of wearing that collar and you would really need the face.


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