Thursday, November 03, 2011

not one, but two

 yarn swift

actual, factual professional yarn swifts.came in the same  vintage package as the loom.
those of you who frequent this blog know the saying in my household that you can boil water in a frying pan, but the existence of saucepans should tell you something.
i have been making do for years with one of those plastic lightweight yarn swift which was ok,( the blue wire like thingie behind the heavy metal number)
one of the caveats was that the circumference got smaller as the yarn pulled.and that was very inconvenient for making even sized skeins.
this new baby is  non deformable  made of cast metal so it will never tip over. break my shin if i trip on it, it will.and it's perfect for silk as it doesn't have anything in the metal arms that will catch.
i had been looking at swifts for a long time and was not too convinced with the wooden ones. had found these   just to whet my japanophilia and was considering visiting the place when i go to japan. but the fortune cookie fell on my plate.
not to say i'll skip the visit because they make shuttles to covet. especially the small brocade ones ^_^

sampling like a madwoman and white on white. cally booker you should see me!

neki desu
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  1. I have a lovely bunch of Japanese knitting accessories -- especially bamboo pins for holding together pieces of knitting while seaming -- that I bought masses of when I was there on business. Never mind that I usually re-write sweater patterns so I can knit them in the round. The fact that they existed and I could afford them meant I had to have them!

  2. i love shuttles. bobbins. swifts.....

  3. Anonymous8:45 PM

    truly a swift to covet! I have a bobbin winder of about the same vintage, smooth and trouble free and two tiny wooden shuttles that were a graduation gift when I left Kawashima - the center post/rod is the insides of a ballpoint pen, spring and all, very clever.

  4. You will definitely have to visit that shop when you go to Japan! That is a beautiful swift.......

  5. I doni inattesi sono i migliori, soprattutto quando sono tesori che possiamo usare per le nostre passioni, no?


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