Thursday, October 20, 2011

thinking about doing

rescue me

people who make things don't understand what they're doing.
this was hannah arendt, not me. but is it always like that or just sometimes? (this is me not she.)
for her, the mind engages once labor is done.
for richard sennet there's another view in which thinking and feeling are contained within the process of making and that the process of making reveals to us things about ourselves.

i'm reading richard sennet's the craftsman, still on the prologue where he talks about his teacher, hannah arendt, and her unrest about the los alamos/manhattan project. it's that kind of read where you need a set of colored pencils to underline what strikes you in color coded fashion. it is one of the most exciting reads i've read in a long time, and i'm just on page 8 underlining like a fiend and stopping to think about what i read.

 i started the scarf in the image some years ago, during the failed ai vat era. folded and dyed it three times with blahh results. on monday i looked for it and decided to give it a dunk in the vat i was running as a prize for having finished the weaving. then re folded and re dunked it twice on tuesday. what i saw when i unfolded it this morning  pleased me.

so according to sennet what  can the shibori scarf above teach me about myself? and the image of it which  i created?
i'll be discussing sennet here for a long time i'm warning you.

neki desu
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  1. warned. and ready to hear more.

  2. I think Arendt's statement says volumes about her and her understanding of "people" - your scarf say much more about YOU.

  3. Sono più d'accordo con richard sennet, non vedo come si possa creare senza pensare e soprattutto sentire.

    La tua sciarpa è splendida, a me parla di persistenza, di desiderio di fare qualcosa di bello, di andare oltre la sperimentazione fino a raggiungere qualche tipo di imperfetta perfezione.

  4. I like Sennet's take, too. Please do share your reading with us.

  5. susan2:05 PM

    Looking forward to more...intrigued.


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