Wednesday, September 07, 2011

seasonal endings


here in the med our summer season extends well into september, sometimes even october. early mornings are cooler, but not chilly. as a result plants keep blooming and seedlings sprouting.the bigger ones  above are  aji dulce, aka aji cachuchacapsicum chinense). the tiny ones are recao( eryngium foetidum) both of which give latin food it's charcteristic taste.
the seeds were bought in the u.s. during my visit to my sister in florida and i waited until i came back from my holidays in valencia to plant them. they took a long time to come out, and i can  finally say i'll have a supply of cooking delicacies!once they get going you have a constant supply of fresh seeds to plant.

it is also time to buy plants of the small mildly hot peppers so dear to the spanish. the plants are small, compact and more than often used as ornamental plants.not in my household. 

blue note
the last blooms of the season:
my clematis  multi blue which i thought had gone to plant heaven, but miraclously came back.


and my jackmanii from an ultra cheap supermarket.the ones from the good expensive nurseries never survived!

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous1:34 AM

    my supermarket clematis "the President" is putting out new buds. it's confused although we are experiencing a hot, dry Indian summer. Just hoping it has time to bloom.

  2. Ma quante cose sai fare! Ora hai anche il pollice verde, sei incredibile.


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