Wednesday, September 21, 2011

places of beauty

images from the sajou catalog

yesterday i was taking my loom break in front of the computer (??) and i came across Maison Sajou
i won't say more except click on the link. among the things to covet i fell in love with the thread organizer cards pictured above.
not to mention the pin cards
image from the sajou catalog

and for you lucky jacq. owners click on their menu on the left on the special sales and scroll down to woven silk images of st. etienne. you won't be disappointed.

image from the sajou catalog

here's a teaser.

turning a page, but still on the subject of beauty and haberdashery i also discovered the fiskar village in finland. yes, fiskar as in wonderful scissors. read the history and don't miss the virtual stroll. the place is devastatingly beautiful.


neki desu
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  1. A beautiful town, indeed! And the jacquards are very interesting. Looks like they use the same structures as I do, especially in "the secret" which has a single warp and two wefts (white & rust).

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    oh, oh, it is all so-o tempting. I'm trying to be good.

  3. Ecco un altro posto da visitare insieme. La lista si allunga!


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