Tuesday, September 27, 2011

on a roll big time


big day yesterday i'm telling you. i who never ever wins anything won the giveaway hosted by jean of one small stitch. been to her page a couple of times since just to check i did not misread in an attack of wishful thinking which i'm prone more than occasionally. that was with my first cup of coffee.
at midday my friendly postman delivered a packet containing glorious textiles and pretty sewing goodies  from an exchange with a friend. and not only that, but in the afternoon i had to collect a parcel at the post office with books galore.
i'm taking the machine knitting book as a much needed workshop. for starters just leafing through there's a part that deals with nomenclature in itself and between the different brands of machines. i finally understand when they talk, not the gist of it but the whole nine yards. looking forward to educated distress and deconstruction.

and as if in need of more this weaving is going really well.i'm using the table loom with inverted point threading and an advanced point lift plan. doing the lifts by hand i thought i was asking too much from myself, but surprisingly i'm enjoying it.
the warp is smooth and textured silk dyed with madder, cochineal, carrot tops and some stray murasaki yarns. the weft is 61/1 blue linen from bockens bought in helsinki three  years ago.

i haven't had such a good day in the last three very tough years.
thankfully tough days are over.
something i read from murakami:
pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

neki desu
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  1. well, hey ho! as i commented the security coade had the word luck in it

  2. trouble comes in threes, so they say. hmmm. suffering is optional, and i'm trying to be present to a bit of pain, and to absolutely NOTR suffer. congrats on winning the draw. i have jean's first one, which i's on the wall across from your piece!

  3. Love the way that weaving is going. The weave pattern really complements the color gradations. And congrats on the win and the new books!

  4. The weaving looks beautiful - the blue on the bobbin looks different in the weaving.

  5. Congratulazioni per la tua ricca giornata, quante belle cose di cui essere felice.
    Mi piace la massima di murakami. Gestire le proprie emozioni ed avere un atteggiamento positivo richiede una grande forza d'animo e molta vigilanza. I pensieri a volte si agitano come serpenti impazziti.

  6. Evelyn,

    the color is photofun :) it's actually royal blue and in the photo it's over saturated and underexposed.


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