Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mishaps serial


i should call this stole trompe l'oeil or fooling the eye. the silk knit came out well and i put it in my sucessful ai vat. the color came out well, but it was crocking. badly dyed, hurriedly dyed, not properly fixed  etc etc. the rinsing washed away all the unfixed dye leaving an uneven washed out jean  color .
the kumo shibori was also not a very good idea as the untieing became difficult and produced some holes.
note to self: remember te  kumo is the pits on knits.

no way the frugal textilian was going to trash the stole therefore out came the thinking hat. perhaps i could  print something to blend and hide the uneven color plus give it some zing.

i  decided to go on the direction of the ai painting tutorial  i posted a while ago using a stencil my sister cut for me. 
i think it worked and i saved the number. however as sensei says good, but not perfect which in this case is fooling the eye, and not perfect
of course honoring the craft i won't dare to sell it and will wear it myself.
i could never work on wall street i'm not a good p.r. person i know.

neki desu
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  1. I find this very appealing! The heck with Wall St. This stole needs to be worn outdoors on a breezy fall day.

  2. this awfully interesting. do you just soak the cloth in soymilk to pretreat it?

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    oh, I'd wear it anywhere. sometimes in saving the "mistakes" a work of art is created. I think sensei would approve.

  4. Ma che meraviglia, è una sciarpa favolosa e per di più è unica.

  5. well, i know it's a mistake, but WHAT a lucky one! i think it morphed beautifully.

  6. This is so beautiful!


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