Monday, September 19, 2011

aaaand she's weaving!

on the loom

and that means that it has finally cooled off a bit. this warp will almost be occupational therapy, being so thick 8 ends x cm !it's on the 12 shaft  table loom which is truly a cinch to warp. don't know why.
the different silks were dyed all though last fall and this year. pinks are cochineal, yellow greens are carrot tops and the beige i think it was either boiled chestnut water or diluted walnut. so good for not keeping notes.
the weft will be either a pretty navy 16 /1 linen or  ai dyed silk. still testing.

on the domestic bs department the plumber came this morning after waiting for him for a whole week.
you should guide the young ones in your family to go to voc. school and study plumbing sciences.will make more money than lawyers and doctors combined.

neki desu
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  1. Hi Neki, your weaving is just beautiful. I love the design and the colours. You are so clever to remember the dyeing process without notes.

    note my new blog

  2. Infatti è quello che ho detto ai miei figli, ma purtroppo solo l'ultima mi ha ascoltata e probabilmente farà l'infermiera. Anche il falegname non sarebbe male!
    Che bei colori, come stanno bene combinati insieme. E grazie per avermi promossa da ugly duck a bright pink flamingo ...

  3. peaceful weaving, and lovely, too. my kids missed the boat... glass caster and librarian to be. sigh.


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