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 silk broc

the 15th century  was valencia’s golden age. a period  when its agriculture, silk industry and location helped make it a power in trade and commerce  in the mediterranean. wealth generated supported a blossoming in the arts. the late-gothic La Lonja  gives a sense of  what this period  was.  the former silk trading market with its multi-columned trading hall and lovely wooden carved ceilings is a UNESCO world heritage site.

the importance of silk in the economy of the city is evident  in
the founding of the velluters or silk workers' guild in 1474.
the word velluters comes from the word vellut, which means velvet in 1479, several bylaws were enacted and the trade of velluter was established.

silk rapidly became a huge enterprise for the whole city and
much later, in the 17th century, carlos II, the last hapsburg monarch, raised the valencia guild of velvet makers to the level of a college of arts.the crown set up a royal factory in the city to supply its requirements and also to serve other markets including the colonies. the factory modernized production and introduced many technological improvements.
unfortunately, it is being renovated so we could not visit.

jacq card

the time line has not been interrupted there are plenty of  signs that the trade although at a different scale  is still alive.for the romantic within me it was very uplifting to find a store who uses a a frieze a simulation in metal of a cut jacquard card.
could not ask for more!
jacq store

well, perhaps another paella :)

neki desu
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  1. Anche il velluto! Io credo che dovresti venire a Firenze a visitare la Fondazione Lisio.


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