Thursday, July 28, 2011

a little bit of sunshine


and i ran to do some kakishibu . silk yarn for a future project. this may or may not end in a  recently commissioned scarf. the yarn has been exposed to uv rays as prescribed. more dipping and exposure today since sun was forecasted.
also waiting for my Vivien Prideaux indigo book to start my vat. thanks to Paula Burch  of the dye forum for the contact!! the inetrnet community never ceases to amaze me.

for some more amazement re kakishibu go here. howzat for eco whatever!!!

neki desu
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  1. thanks for the kakishibu link, have to love some of the herbal remedies.

  2. thank you for the link, neki! I've got this one somewhere and haven't been able to find it, so grateful that you posted it.

    I've got the powder, but haven't mixed it up yet. Hoping to do it very soon! I like your results!

  3. excellent indigo and natural dye instructions can be down loaded, free, from

  4. Sono incantata da tutte le cose che sai fare e che fai, sono sempre curiosa leggendo i tuoi post.

  5. An amazing link - thank you!


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