Monday, May 23, 2011

the hand that cuts the warp

off the loom

in action. two dowels inserted to save an error free threading for a future project that is already cooking slowly in the backburner. this warp has already been washed and will soon hit the mordanting on to the dobby and the silk warp.

received a message from aracne this morning. there's a fellow weaver who raises cashmere goats and sells this awesome yarn. she is going through a difficult time and needs to sell some yarn. here's the link. please consider helping out.

moving on.
seems that there are problems at yahoo. lots of compromised mail addresses, inability to access groups, flickr etc.
my mail was suffering so if you receive a post from me with weird links please ignore and do not by the love of cyberia click on the link.
i've already re set and  changed passwords.
 yet more page turning.
someone commented that when trying to access my blog got a blank blog instead.
simple explanation: my blog is a movable feast with its glorious typo. the correct moveable one was already take and i really, really wanted that title. google is dumb and you can fool it (^_^) well, most of the times.

neki desu
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  1. i love these woven web photos

  2. Hi, Neki - the link to the cashmere gives a 404 (cannot find link)msg. I went to arachne's site, and the yarn looks yummy.

    Can't wait to see how the woven shibori looks after dyeing. Have you chosen a dye yet?

  3. Love to help but the link is not working

  4. Beautiful artwork ... and beautiful picture!


interaction appreciated!


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