Tuesday, April 12, 2011

two looms and stitching

top stitch

the two  looms are beamed and sitting prettily. the dobby's waiting for the heddles to arrive.
the table loom with the white overtwisted cotton is waiting for me to make up my mind for the threading. this project has to be simple because the looms is hand manipulated. i've always refrained from textures as the main point in a project  because i think that's a no brainer in weaving. but this one being an overtwisted warp it fell  in that category. the quesion now is whether to keep it relatively simple and then dye afterwards or go along the woven shibori path. i could get two colors with woven shibori.....

not liking to be idle i'm continuing with the knitted samples pieces. this one is two different swatches dyed and pieced together. if i remember well the dyes were artichoke leaves and purple cabbage wrapped in the silk and left lying around. don't remember how i got the tans. then on to  some machine stitching . was having some issues with the hand stitching and decided to go for the solvy stabilized as a backing. when dissolved it will help the piece keep the soft drapey shape it has.

yesterday treated myself to a flick and saw inside job. came home to read this

neki desu
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  1. I love those colors they really capture the blush of spring and if I may, I vote woven shibori but thats just because I want to follow along :)

  2. Very nice weaving. My wife would enjoy this. :)

    Thank you for the kind mention too.


  3. you decide, meanwhile i see this as a sort of knitted boro.

  4. Woven shibori, senza dubbio! E' un'altra delle cose che voglio imparare a fare...prima o poi.

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Interesting knitting machine explorations and beautiful colour play. I also have a knitting machine and have yet to begin sampling.


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