Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on sewing resources

now that i'm on a mission of stash reducing by weaving fabric i'm keeping an eye on patterns and related paraphernalia. did i say stash reducing? one of my wishes is to be as minimalistic and  frugal as  the oriental people. well, at least before the chinese economic miracle.but i digress.

i have come across a myriad of interesting sewing resources that i'll share. yes!! it's all 'bout sharing (^_^)

directly from  my pal Rubi's sideboard a  sewing blog .she's not only a fun read, but also a wealth of resources.

perusing the internet-sounds more importantly serious than surfing doesn't it?- found the new to me neu mode patterns- pardon the redundancy. i liked  the patterns i saw because they are more tailored and with less flounces and frills than burda's. also the styling looks well, more stylish-this is getting to be a redundancy competition. i'm sure vero already knows about them.

 relative to style if  you go for julian roberts  someone along those lines, but a tad more wearable IMO is marcy tilton. besides her patterns her web also has fabrics, cool silk screens for surface design and some very  good tutorials.
i am hoping that at some point my long rectangular knitted things can be turned into something wearable like one of her skirts. sigh.

now i only have to finish this morning's set of errands and sit at the loom. 3 meters of loom controlled shibori are waiting to happen.

neki desu
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  1. Do I really need more temptations??? :-)

  2. E' molto tempo che non cucio qualcosa per me, il tuo post mi ha messo il prurito alle dita!


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