Monday, April 04, 2011



 it is very satisfactory to make something out of the samples. any sample. maybe  that's why i've never been keen about sampling at the loom. too much work, wasted yarn and time. not very effective way to gain knowledge methinks , although hats off to Cally Booker sample queen extraordinaire.

going back to machine knitting i am forced to sample because i am teaching myself and cannot assume that a yarn that i know from weaving will act the same way when knitted.if there are two terms it means that yarns act different. learned from sampling that loosely spun cotton will knit( at least mk) in a bias that blocking won't remedy.


also finished. aphids
the little critters that were hurting my plants.
decided to park ecology and go all the way with a
vile critter effacer.apparently they were laughing out loud at the neem oil . after i sprayed the plants i checked and they were covered with tinygrains as if it were sand!

to celebrate i might treat myself to coffee and croisants here. what she says in the review  about the atmosphere take it with a grain of salt. it is the atmosphere that really makes the place.
and i consider myself  lucky to have it in my neighborhood

neki desu
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  1. as so it goes. the ants have returned with a warm wind. i feel very unkind at the moment.

  2. This has turned out to be a very successful piece. Balanced but not static. Nice!

  3. The colors in your knitted piece are calling to the aphid photo! one of those little synchronicities that delight.

  4. This is so interesting and beautiful. I am really enjoying looking at all your photos on your blog-just found you thru stitchin fingers. i think I'll join that tonight!

  5. Anonymous1:59 PM

    heehee! if you didn't have samples, you wouldn't be able to make things from them, now would you? but really it is just that I am very easily bored...

    I love that verdigris colour - perhaps the aphids do too?


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