Thursday, April 07, 2011



sometimes when you think you know it all the  universe gives you a jolt and you fall back into place.
after years and years of weaving i'm short of heddles. if that's not weaving 101 what is it then?
put all in halt and ordered some more heddles. in the meantime because i want to weave i'm warping this overtwisted 20 cotton singles and feeling  grateful i kept my table loom. it weaves 80 cms so  the table part  is relative.

also pondering that it seems like the world is being conducted by 25 year olds with too big paychecks and too little life exposure - don't want to say experience, but you understand.
there's a trend of mending or changing  what works perfectly well thus creating havoc and all sorts of malfunctions.

neki desu
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  1. You use the most interesting yarns. #20 overtwist singles, something I have never seen on this side.

  2. Warping with overtwisted *anything* is enough of a challenge to keep you occupied for quite a while - surely long enough for those heddles to arrive.

  3. havoc like overtwist??? that's how the world goes sometimes. i ran out of heddles recently, too. something in the air?

  4. Love going through your blog. I'd love to learn weaving, but it is not in the cards right of these days though. Thank you for sharing. And I couldn't agree more on your opinion of the world being conducted by 25 year olds.
    I hope your neck issues have become nonexistent or at least easily managed.

  5. Beautifully written Neki. You've captured the moment of everything in this post. Kaz


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