Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring is here and do yourself a favor

med wreaths
small wreaths

more vintage charts to celebrate, it was about time, the arrival of for  the  small wreaths below.
and the medium wreaths above. click on the links and they will take you to download page.

and now the self favor. beware of  anything beta.
beta means problems. big time. how do  i know? downloaded the new firefox 4. no delicious app. crashes like there's no after life,occupies the space of an aircraft carrier. and i'm stopping here although there's more to be said.

neki desu
Creative Commons License


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    The charts are so sweet and remind me of May Day flower girl wreaths. Thanks for the firefox notice!

  2. i did it too. duh.

  3. Bellissime queste corone!
    Firefox? E' troppo moderno per informerò i miei figli, grazie.


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