Friday, March 04, 2011

creating textures on fabric

a while ago i came across this product and curious as i am i set on a quest to get it and run some tests.
i lucked out when i discovered it was sold in madrid and last month when i was there i finally got it.
it also served as a good excuse to explore a neighborhood we were not familiar with and take one of our famous marathon walks. 2.6 kilometers each way!
when i opened the pack i became dubious about the sort of fabric, it was similar to a plastic tent, but taking a beep breath i realized that if it was going to shrink both ways hence creating texture it had to be plastic.

the steps:
  • cut a piece larger than the finished size you want.
  • pin it to the back of the material to be textured.  
  • stitch, either hand or machine.
  • place an iron over never on ,remember it's plastic, and steam.
  •  edges will curl and  you may need to pin the fabric so that the steam gets to the center.
  • it will stop shrinking when it's done.
by altering the spacing of the stitching  more or less dramatic texture can be achieved .
 according to their weights fabrics can give interesting textures, i even ran a test on a handwoven sample. the only caveat is that it feels stiff and the fabric won't be reversible.but i think it has possibilities for book covers and tapestries.
you can see samples on various  fabrics in the slide show.
have fun!

neki desu

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  1. Pretty cool. I've never seen this stuff. How about cutting it in strips and using it for an occasional weft with long floats on the reverse side, then steaming the back after it's off the loom? Sort of like woven shibori.

  2. Looks like you've been having fun! What an interesting product. My brain is racing around in the background trying to figure out how to use this with jacquard pieces...

  3. Sei come un mago che ha sempre nuovi trucchi dentro il suo cappello


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