Thursday, March 24, 2011

the ai gods are happy

lace and ai

and 私もう!have made some interesting discoveries about machine knitting and am seriously contemplating doing the city and guilds course. the good news is that as the courses are getting re organized that will buy  me time to think it over and finish other commitments .
on another note downloaded and installed the new firefox browser which promises to be faster(and safer) then the 3.6. let's see if they hold the promise, 3.6 was driving me up the walls.bad news is that some of my add ons are not compatible with this version. bye to pera perakun and delicious :(

 last night's wine tasting session was awesome. discovered a wonderful portuguese wine by the picturesque name of cavalo maluco roughly translated as crazy horse. a small handmade production. not inexpensive, but truly worth it.

neki desu
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  1. Just look at that lovely indigo starting to develop... and I wish I could do those tasting sessions with you! Wines that never make it to the US (or at least not to California) are what I love trying.

  2. Wow! Really happy! That color is just gorgeous (and would look so good with my eyes...)

  3. I was hooked by a vintagesecond hand knitting machine - it was only $25. so I bought it, though it is very basic, I like the idea of knitting blanks and dying them. Indigo is such a rich complex colour. I am waiting for some warmer weather to try it again. And I will also look for that wine - there are great wine stores bringing in interesting imorts to B.C.


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