Monday, February 14, 2011

under control

first dip

seems that i can control a vat better if it's small and if i work in the kitchen because the temperature is easier to control. even in sunny spain in the summer i notice that the vats are not working fully with the  natural heat.i'd need non plastic vats and a heat source. and a divorce lawyer for sure.

 second dip

note how the greenish cast has disappeared and the blue is cleaner and brighter! also note how the photos are not embellished with textures. the ai on linen knit is speaking for itself. (^_^) i'm aiming for more dips but the vat is almost exhausted. maybe i'll have time to replenish the vat between BS sessions because this is going to be paper pushing BS week. it's a good thing this has been a very satisfactory session.

neki desu
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  1. Really nice blue, congratulations:)

  2. I'm going to start a vat sometime in the near future and I have concerns for that too. This is such a cold house and really wonder how I will keep a good temp going.

  3. Anonymous5:01 PM

    linen and indigo are a good balance/contrast to BS paper pushing.

    linen being my very favorite thing to dip into an indigo vat...

    even here in so cal my vat is in plastic for the time being but wrapped in an electric blanket for chilly nights.

  4. Yes, a good indigo vat will get you through a lot of the BS stuff! Success in one area always spills over into others. Looks like linen LOVES indigo!

  5. oh, yummy is all i can think to say in response to that blue. mmmmm....


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