Thursday, February 24, 2011

the magic of slow

kaki magic

my kakishibu. this has been a long project. it started  with a friend giving me some kilos of green kaki which i processed and aged.just to give you an idea this started in 2007 so i think it  does merit the title of slow magic.
the kakishibu liquor that had been aging since 2007 saw part of its day of glory yesterday. i took about a pint of it and slowly reduced like  when you make cooking reductions. to that concentrate i added hot water and simmered it. all in all i got a relatively dense, dark liquid. i had heard it stank like the dickens, but mine doesn't. perhaps i've done something wrong along the way although i'm not complaining about the lack of odor (^_^)

funny how when i was young i just wanted to live and experience things, the faster the better. now i am in a situation where i don't care if it takes time, except of course the minutiae like waiting in line, and doing paperwork, i'm sort of distilling those  accumulated experiences relishing and enjoying them.

this is a combined project, the weaving, the fulling of the wool scarf and dyeing with akane(madder) the preparation and fermenting of the kakishibu, the shibori tieing and finally the challenge of making it work on wool.apparently it is not successful on wool.
we shall see how it all wraps up.

neki desu
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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Like a slow dance - listening to the music and working with it.

  2. Slow is good. I've got some jars of wood and hulls soaking in alcohol that were among the posessions we mooved here from San Jose in 2008, and before that they were on a shelf for at least a year. The longer, the better. I've even got some lichen purple in jars from the same date waiting to be used. I think that the longer they soak, the more color they're going to extract from the plant material.

  3. Mmm. Trusting the process -- not easy, but I've found it a worthwhile skill to learn. (And to keep learning!)


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