Monday, January 24, 2011

on its way


to becoming a top. finally off the loom. i had countless problems with  this warp. i learned it really doesn't pay to be frugal and tie on to a dummy warp. in the end you waste the same amount of yarn as if you'd tied on to the rods and put your patience through endless testing. i also learned that i'm too demanding with my little loom-operative word -little. it becomes a real PITA to wind on  more that 4 meters and get an evenly  tight warp.the riggings i had to devise in order to continue weaving and not sacrifice the warp to the pyre!!

now that i've become interested in weaving yardage as a stash reducing scheme, i'm considering getting a loom that can weave one meter wide. i'm becoming more interested in fashion outside fashion without being hippy or back to nature earth momma. don't get me wrong, it's that i'm not that type, nor the fashion victim either. i however do really like clothes. well, one has to live with one's own contradictions  n'est pas?

this yardage was 70cms at the reed and 64.5cms with the draw in. after wet finishing it was 62 cms.
it could have been fulled a bit more, but i really need those extra the end i was able to get 2.5 mts for the top. length's ok it's the width that's problematic.

 wet finished 
i also learned to manipulate color and get a dithered draft. i really
like the woven  effect, much more mottled than a crepe and i like
it better if using a different colored weft. crepes in two colors usually don't cut it for is also very forgiving as a fabric, defects blend in nicely:)
there's another yardage project on the proverbial backburner using dithering. but first i have to weave the summer silk top yardage.

see why i need a bigger loom?

neki desu


  1. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Of COURSE you need a bigger loom; doesn't everyone? I love the texture in that design - it makes me think of granite.

  2. Mia cara,
    sì, sono convinta...hai proprio bisogno di un telaio più grande.
    Però hai ottenuto comunque un bel risultato, complimenti.

  3. Beautiful texture. I'm glad you didn't have to sacrifice it to the loom gods! Just make sure the weaving studio in Oviedo has enough space for a larger loom...

  4. You can never have a big enough loom, that's what I always say ;) This is beautiful work, Neki! WOW! You must have so much patience girl!. Thanks for your recent visits!
    Hugs Catherine

  5. Oh, gorgeous! I have a couple of patterns that would work perfectly with that yardage. What a clever way to clear out stash!

  6. i sold the big one.

  7. Very beautiful fiinished crepe. There does seem to be a repeat in there. Looking forward to seeing what you do with this.


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