Wednesday, January 05, 2011


olive drab
good olive drab

the last skein, this one treated with copper sulphate (GASPHORRORSHOCK)!!
getting real here i don't think that an amount close to a  grain  of rice is going to kill the planet and life, animal, plant or human. it's the same amount that you get from using scrap metal and ammonia, but somehow that seems and looks's almost impossible  for me to find scrap metal on the sidewalk in my town, perhaps others are luckier. i could stand in watch for elderly people though, push them on the floor and run away with their walkers. but that has some minor inconveniences such as the material walkers are made of and ultimately the risk of  jail. LOL!! 
seriously now, i'm going to keep doing my dyeing in the same responsible way, but i'm not going to be intimidated by the dyeing talibans anymore.

multicoloredmore dyeing, but of a different kind.did my usual
san silvestro cleaning on new years day.
lots and lots of throwing away making space for whatever the new year brings literally and figuratively.
some surprises in that mythical bottom drawer such as this silk scarf from my very early shibori days.

on the loom. if i get going i might be able to finish
the gray beige fabric this weekend.

for those celebrating epiphany andt the maggi, la befana or any such traditions be good and go to bed early. let's see what presents you get tomorrow.

neki desu
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  1. La Befana vien di notte
    con le scarpe tutte rotte
    il vestito alla romana
    viva viva la Befana!

    (Befana comes at night, with broken shoes, a dress in 'Roman' style, long live the Befana!)


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