Monday, January 03, 2011

blog breaks are productive

second dye

 left first extraction right second extraction

i've been dyeing silks for the summer top fabric this time using carrot tops. silks were mordanted using 5 gr alum +5gr cream of tartar. carrot tops were simmered for an hour and then the hirakami silk and one shantung skein were dyed. the color obtained was yellow green in various shades.

first dyehirakami silk

   shantung                                                 hirakami silk

the shantung in the photo is a bit greener, but not as green as the hirakami silk.

the loot

another skein,left  on the photo, was dyed in a second extraction. this one turned a beautiful bronze green.
note: the second extraction was simmered for a longer period and i think that brought out a lot of yellow. this will have to be kept in mind if you want a  greener shade.
these shades will complement the murasaki shades i got last  november. can't wait to finish what's on the loom!

neki desu
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  1. what beautiful shades to start the year with....hello again....

  2. Neki, Gorgeous shades! I really love the hirakami silk! I am thinking golden today as well!

    Here's to a golden year! :)

  3. how beautiful. can't imagine how you prevent tangles.

  4. Anonymous5:56 PM

    it is the year of the golden rabbit...

  5. I'm glad you're back! What gorgeous colors you've brought with you.

  6. Oh, Neki, che meraviglia. Un giorno mi piacerebbe avere il permesso di stare a guardare mentre lavori...
    Buon 2011, che sia un anno di grande creatività.

  7. The carrot-top gold/green is wonderful. I see I'll have to start buying carrots by the bunch with the tops still on, instead of the already-trimmed bulk type. Happy New Year!

  8. i am in the midst of color silk envy. oh my gosh! they are wonderful.

  9. Oh everyone needs gold in their life especially to start the year off to help draw prosperity

  10. What beautiful colours! and from carrot tops! Happy year of the rabbit.

  11. the tops make beautifull prints on fabric too


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