Monday, January 31, 2011



and second step.just opened the rope. onion dyed silk bourette knit. happy with the result although not earth shattering-yet  (^_^)
this week and the following i'm afraid posting will be scattered as i'm solidly booked with doctors ,dentists and all that boring patience killing stuff. we'll see if i'm able to accomplish something fun.

speaking of fun we were in madrid  and it was very cold, i know, i know you people spent weeks in the cabin, but i'm not used to cold weather. bumped into a friend  from barcelona, whom i had not seen in two years, at the caixaforum ,went to some serious eateries which included some yumm wines.and also did some serious walking. 3+ kilometers in one go. thanks to that i burned all i ate. and  believe me, it was a lot. do try the restaurant link as it has a fascinating story, it even holds an annual short story contest. sorry you will need google translate  (¡__¡)

neki desu
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  1. this is enough to keep me going for a while...

  2. Looks pretty interesting so far - the result will be worth waiting for.

  3. Ma che meraviglia questi colori caldi!
    Spero nessun problema con la tua salute...

  4. I love it as is, but I'm sure if you decide to do more, it'll be truly spectacular.


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