Friday, December 03, 2010

why handmade

social reasons:
because it distributes wealth equitably.
because it keeps cultural diversity.
because it records specific technologies.
because it articulates human relations.
because it relates to community activities and culture.
because  it empowers the makers.
because it does not produce large amounts of waste.
because it  is not  abusive of resources.

aesthetic reasons:
because items are unique.
because items show the maker's hand.
because items are meaningful for both makers and buyers.
because items are  more than end products.
because items go beyond  trends or fashion.

can you help add on to the list? i would love  to involve lots of people in making this list so ideas are most welcomed!

some weekend reading: this .and further reading: this
stay warm and have a good weekend !

neki desu
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  1. social: because it keeps you out of mischief

    aesthetic: because it connects you to the earth

  2. because idle hands are the devil's tools ;) can't think of anything to add to your list. you did it so well. still see cathedral architecture in your fractals! and now they move too? way to go Neki! not much chance of catching cold here. but I hear you people might be in need of some winter warmth!
    Hugs Catherine

  3. because nothing makes me happier than creating something with these hands and this mind.and in doing so i honor my gifts.

    then mentoring what i know and have learned.

  4. hands to work, hearts to god (i do not, however, mean "god' in a religious sense).

  5. Social; because it keeps us out of stores looking for ready made stuff.

    Aesthetic; because we stretch what we see each time we make something.
    As Morna said we come closer to the
    center connecting us.

  6. Social: Because it promotes sanity.
    In my case at least.

  7. CHEMICAL reason: because it's in our DNA to do so; PSYCHOLOGICAL REASON: to not is to partake in misery; 2011 REASON: because it is a necessary counterweight to flat screens.

  8. Because it reveals your heart and soul
    Because it is a form of meditation so badly needed in this busy busy world


interaction appreciated!


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