Friday, November 12, 2010

a reeling mind

shown are: Amla,Catechu,Turmeric Powder, jiggery,Tea Leaves,Tamarind Paste , Dried Ginger.
did not find information on jiggery. does anyone have information about it?any leads will be welcome.
beware of turmeric as it is extremely fugitive!!
have a fun weekend!

neki desu
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  1. I sprinkled turmeric in all the bundles I did on Tuesday and Wednesday. Can't wait to see the magic it created.

  2. Anonymous9:05 PM

    Jiggery = jaggery in tamil = gur in india... sugar cane molasse, not directly a plant. Used with Iron to mordant and resist areas which will turn black when dipped in madder or indigo for instance.Used in Rajasthan for dyeing saris with complex drawings.
    I have no experience with it, will check further in my books if I see anything?
    thanks for sending me on a quest on natural dye again :-)


  3. thelmasmith10:16 PM

    Neki, try the spelling jaggery and see what you find.

    Interesting about the tumeric. Dyed a scrap of silk with it last week. vinegar, tumeric, mason jar, silk, microwave; no accurate technique. Will see how it fares.

  4. gosh i wish tumeric was fugitive, too too yellow for me. so far mine lasted a year without a sign of fading.

  5. I really have to start dying one of these days, when will you organise a workshop, Neki dear?


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