Monday, November 29, 2010

painting with white

white stitches

in the blu..e. the white stitching is almost done. although the song came out in the sixties it looks very fifties and i like that.
i'm researching lights and magnifiers if i want to continue working. the light in the living room is not good for was designed to make people look good, but we can't work nor read there.
here's what i found so far:
  • an ott light lamp, portable, electric plug(saving on batteries), no magnifier glass. will have to source locally due to different plugs and  electrical current here.
  • information  on daylight fluorescent light bulbs inexpensive, but have to buy a lamp (that could take forever in my household due to aesthetic negotiations) not portable, no magnifying glass.
  • led and magnifying glass portable all in one  unit, leds last about 1000 hours , then have to be replaced? that's not too clear. there are many more  options in the web site.
     presently  the last option looks like the goer. how have you solved your lighting problems? do you use a magnifying glass for stitching?

    neki desu


    1. Haven't yet started using a magnifier. But Mary corbett had published a review couple of days back about one. It seems pricey.If it gives relief to your eyes,then better go for something similar or just get that fluorescent bulb :)

    2. Neki
      I have one of these:
      It is a clamp-on lamp so that when I am not using it, I can put it away.

    3. i have been known to drag out the old magnifying glass, but i, too, need better work light. i try to work in daylight when possible. i hear great stuff about the ott.

    4. and the piece is looking very good.

    5. Troppo bello, ma quando trovi il tempo di fare tutte queste cose straordinarie?

    6. I have a great light for both my canvas painting and stitching - There is a table top (sits on a table but not pretty) with a magnifier, which may be moved around - great quality magnification. It is inexpensive, and there is also a floor model available. It's just called Daylight lamp. It's far superior to the OTT light and much much less expensive.

    7. My mom, a quilter, has a sort of giant magnifying glass "necklace" that hangs from a cord around one's neck. It has a bright little bulb (battery powered) that shines directly onto the work she's holding in her lap. It seems to work a treat. I'll see if I can find a link to something similar.

      When I'm knitting, I tend not to look at what I'm doing, since I can "feel" the stitches. That said, with the black piece I'm knitting now, if I made a mistake, I'd be hard pressed to find it in the evening. I've actually had to use the LED light in my iPhone to count stitches!


    interaction appreciated!


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