Monday, November 08, 2010

do did doing

hirakami  and chinese silk

sounds like a philadelphia soul  song. the murasakizome  dye is done. still have a jar steeping in alcohol,but i'm done for now.pleased with the results and they will all blend beautifully together in a warp for a summer top.
the winter top weaving is progressing at a painful pace, with some major incidents that have forced me to take a break from it. or else it would become an offering to the sacrificial pyre.

and now for the present progressive.

painting kakishibu on the previously akane dyed wool scarf. the weather has changed and it's cold and cloudy. as a result this will be an enterprise because the kakishibu needs to cure in the sunlight. i may add sodium bicarbonate to pump up the color a bit, but i'm waiting for the weather to give me a break.

but not all has been so blah this weekend. actually i was pretty excited about a find regarding fractals and flame generating programs.i found and downloaded  the mega apophisis7x. and spent all weekend poking around it, downloading tutorials and resisting the temptation to join yet another on line community and forum.the program is a wonderful design source and a resource when the rut happens .
i suggest that you download the 2.09 version first from here. it has some things that you will need to run the 7x version. i'm learning a lot about computer arcana via this program.

 i really  want to start printing a couple of fractals on fabric.the fractals are very textiley unlike the ones you see around full of gnarls and bubbles.
and they can also be animated. another project coming up. 
pray thee tell me why oh why life's so short?

neki desu
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  1. Oooo... that sounds interesting! As if I didn't spend enough time playing with stuff already! I love the colored yarns. Especially the color of thicker one! Can't wait to see where they lead you.

  2. Anonymous4:14 PM

    it's all looking good from here. especially interested in the kakishibu.
    have a tree loaded with them and wondered what it would take to start a fermentation of this. could you send me the link -i think you had posted this some time back...
    your projects are always so interesting...

  3. Susan Fennell11:52 PM

    Yeah, that kakishibu is fascinating stuff. I found some things on-line about it - takes 3 years to ferment? Do you do that Neki? I am also interested in this process. Don't know when I'd get around to trying it, but it does captivate doesn't it?


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