Monday, October 04, 2010

life, friendship and the itinerant stitcher

spent all weekend stitching and drawing up threads. well almost as i also kept convos with Velma and Jan almost chat like real time. fun!
then i went on DUH! mode.

tell you a secret.
the weaving here was supposed to collapse as you can see in the foreground. i had applied some alginate resist to the background so that i could get  unfelted parts, but it did not work. the intention with  the mokume was to replicate more or less the effect of the collapse in that vast dense expansion that resulted from the alginate misbehavior.
however  i hit a roadblock when thinking about the dyeing. how was i going to keep the sides from dyeing? i could block them out with cling film, but that was surely going to add some patterning and i wanted the sides in their  pristine akane color .

stitching creates such a space for thinking!
i remembered a post by Joan about working with thickened natural dyes. i also remembered  that i still had kakishibu which would give me the soft golden brown i was after.i could thicken it with alginate and brush it on the gathered folds..
now if that isn't  double DUH...
i just have to tie the gathered threads tightly and brush the kakishibu.
such happiness visited today along with a crisp clear fall morning! i know now i'm going to get not only the effect, but also the color i want .

weaving wise i have already tied 150 little knots. i feel incredibly accomplished :).i might even treat myself to some chili spiced chocolate from lindt
 plus  there has also been a lot of activity over at artfire during the weekend helping the new people get settled in.

neki desu
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  1. Oh you were very productive this past weekend! I spent the whole weekend rebuilding my computer and slowing adding my software back onto the system so although lots was done not much was accomplished it seems. Have a great week

  2. Neki, questo è un argomento misterioso! Sono andata sul blog di Joan: quante cose non conosco, quanto da leggere e da imparare. Il mondo tessile non smette mai di stupirmi.


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