Thursday, September 02, 2010

the stitch-a-tron

the fabric that i wanted to use for yesterday's  fractal image. although it was a good choice there was no way the image was going to function and integrate with the background as i noticed when i started stitching.
undo stitches and start working on the fabric, no stress involving the operation:)

stitch-atron3 lots of paint and  tissue paper lamination later i had a more cohesive background and the first stitching layer had a place to sit.i was using cotton perle recycled from the shibori scarves and occasionally an unexpected color surfaced.
i put the image in place, but the first layer of stitches was too dominant. i did not really want to alter the texture of the stitches, just make them less visually  focal.i have some japanese tissue  paper, the ones that have specks of fiber swirling around and thought it would work and catch the  subdued swirls in the image. so i laminated it on the stitching and the paper did just what i wanted.
on to stitching layer two. there is a lot more to stitch on this piece, but so far and if the stitchery gods allow it will have a nice end.

i'm slowly easing my way into the coming season, less outdoor work  which means  more studio and weaving work.

neki desu
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  1. Le tue tecniche mi sorprendono, sono qualcosa di completamente nuovo per me. A volte faccio perfino fatica a capire quello che fai.
    Il tuo mondo creativo mi lascia a bocca aperta.

  2. This is amazing. Are you doing all these layers onto fabric and then embroidering over it...fascinating techniques. i am new to all this.



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