Monday, September 06, 2010

game over

game over

curious how some works tell you when they're finished and some others don't. and even more curious how a smudge of gold wraps it all together. this one's done. i think i worked more with the mood of the piece and worried less about color and composition which was becoming a stress factor  with this  heat.

closeupi have come to really enjoy ermine stitch. it's a simple, effective stitch that paired with straight stitch or seed stitch can make up  a whole scene.
and the idea for setting off and also blending the image with the background  with slpit back stitch comes from jude over at spirit cloth.

this putting together from two sources has made me think and i'm considering  putting  a resource page to share weaving drafts, images etc. the vintage stitching charts will be there also.
need to do a bit more thinking about the  logistics.

ideas anyone?

neki desu
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